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more than 10 years

beauty market

The brand was founded in March 2009 and we started at the main beauty salons in Rio de Janeiro with our professional lines, then we expanded to the other salons in Brazil. In 2016, we arrived at the home of our customers with a line created specifically for home care, focusing on treating all kinds of hairs: curly, straight, straightened, coily or colored. After all, we believe every single beauty matters.

We have more than 80 products of own manufacturing at the market. It is possible to find in our portfolio an array of treatments destined to professional, semi-professional and home care segments. Our products are of soft fragrances and unique textures to give you the best and most exclusive results.

The purpose of the brand is to show all customers that elegance and beauty are perfect combinations when it comes to hair treatment, Simone Braga - CEO, explains.

We are passionate about what we do and we are constantly trying to improve. With that in mind, and after a long period of research, we inaugurated our own manufacturing and development center to guarantee the best in innovation and quality.

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Ecological Responsibility

Our purpose with the products we create is to promote beauty in a smart sustainable way. We are against any form of animal cruelty so the brand is vegan since its beginning. Every single product you see in our portfolio is vegan and 100% cruelty-free.

Besides that, we have a partnership with initiatives such as “Eu Reciclo”, that works with reverse logistics, collecting from the environment the same amount of plastic waste we produce.

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To create beauty is to encourage people to take care of themselves and take care of the environment– Simone Braga, CEO.

Simone Braga, CEO


The brand was founded by a woman and we deeply believe in our power to encourage and inspire other women.

75% of our staff is made up of women.

Widi Care -


Promote beauty the smart way, for all lifestyles and beauty. Caring, inspiring and providing well-being.


Expand the brand as a symbol of carioca's beauty and show the world the Brazilian diversity.


To maintain the originality with dedication, hard work and determination, thinking even more higher and creating even more innovative products