Widi Care

more than 10 years

beauty market

We started serving the main Carioca beauty parlors, and then throughout Brazil with professional lines. In 2016, we arrived at our customers’ homes with our home care line intended to all types of hair – whether they are curly, straight, straightened, or colored. After all, we believe that every beauty matters.

We count on more than 80 products in line of own manufacturing. It is possible to find, in our portfolio, an array of treatments to all segments, whether they are professional, semi-professional, and home care, all with strong visual appeal and remarkable characteristics, with soft fragrances, unique textures, and exclusive results.

"The purpose of the mark is to show to all clients that elegance and beauty make a perfect combination when it comes to hair treatment", Simone Braga, company’s officer, explains.

We love what we do and are always looking for something new. It was thinking of it that, after a long period of researches, we opened our development and own manufacturing center, guaranteeing innovation and maximum quality of our products.

Widi Care - O Propósito da Widi

Ecological Responsibility

Every hair care developed by Widi Care has as purpose to promote the beauty in a smart and sustainable manner. We have always been against animal cruelty, so we have invested in the production of vegan products since our start. Currently, all products available in our catalog fit this profile.

We do not carry out tests in animals. Additionally, we are associated to initiatives like “Eu Reciclo” that, through reverse logistics, removes from the environment the same quantity of plastic we produce. Thus, we may collaborate with the plastic recycling in the world. 

Widi Care - Widi Care
Widi Care - Array

To create beauty is to encourage people to take care of themselves, and stimulate the preservation of the environment th

Simone Braga, CEO


We are a mark founded by a woman and we believe in the force and power we have to encourage other women.

75% of our staff is composed by women

Widi Care - representatividade


To promote beauty in a smart manner, to all styles of life and beauty.


To take the mark as a symbol of Carioca beauty to Brazil and to the World, showing Brazilian diversity.


To keep the originality with dedication, getting released from common points of society, keeping the effective innovation in products.

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